Videos- Will Be Posted Here After the Event

"Why is there Suffering?"- Reed Swindle

"What is the Purpose of Man?"

- Reed Swindle

"Can I Be a Christian and Not Go to Church?"- Reed Swindle

"Why Won't People Change?"

- Justin Morton

"What Happens When We Die?"- Justin Morton

"Why Has God Been So Good To Me?"- Justin Morton

"Can I Be Gay And a Christian?"- Steven Cuffle

(Coming Soon)

"Why Did God Create Us Knowing We Would Sin?"

- Steven Cuffle

"Why Do We Need a New Covenant?"- Steven Cuffle

"How Do We Reconcile Faith and Works?"- Jacob Evans

"How Do I Know You Exist?"

- Jacob Evans

"Why is God So Strict on Marriage, Divorce and Remarriage?"- Jacob Evans